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Re: debian-installer kernel policy

Goswin von Brederlow wrote:
> In general the kernel should include as many drivers as possible to
> fill up any empty space on the first disk, which won't be much. But
> every driver on the first disk is saved on the second. But I guess
> thats something to tweak shortly before the release when the initrd
> image stablelizes.

What we're currently doing for two floppy boot is putting the kernel +
initrd on the first floppy, and that has enough kernel modules to mount
the second floppy and retreive udebs from it. In this setup there is no
need to compile modules into the kernel to fill up the first floppy.
This will not work for 64 bit architectures and will probably run out of
space with 2.6 and/or gcc 3 though.

see shy jo

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