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Trying make the Sarge CDs go bootable


Today I upgraded cd creation stuff on gluck and rebuilt the i386 images,
this weekend all other arches will be rebuilt, so if somebody wants to have
a look at the i386 images and try to see if something is wrong, it would be
great. The main changes are that I'm now using debootstrap 0.2.2 and
debian-cd from cvs with all the changes Joy has introduced lately.

Also have been looking at the scripts to make the cds bootable, trying to
see if I could make some other cds bootable using Debian Installer, the
results were deceiving.

The only cds being bootable at this time are for the i386 architecture, none
of the other arches has provided scripts for making their cds bootable. This
could be due to two things, nobody has still tried to put debian-installer
images on a cd, or even worst, they still don't have debian-installer images
that work in their arches. This second posibility should be worrying, at
least to me it is, and I really want to call people from other arches to put
some effort in making debian-installer work on their arches.

As far as I know the only arch besides i386 that has debian-installer images
is alpha, but they are really old, mckinstry was building alpha images, but
his latest images are from the 18th of march. Also i386 builds that tfheen
was making seems to be quite broken.

So, to sum it all up and as far as I know...

Arches with d-i images: i386, alpha
Arches with CD bootable images: i386
Arches with an up to date d-i image creation proccess: none

That doesn't sound good to me, I hope somebody knows about fresher news than
mine of improvements in this status.

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