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Re: Promlems with unofficial sarge installer

> On Tue, Jul 29, 2003 at 10:07:02AM +0400, Evgeny wrote:
> > I have downloaded unofficial sarge image.
> > But I cannot install debian system. The problem apears when I try to
> > load installer modules with ANNA. I have the following message:
> > "Retrieving module hw-detect failed with uncknown reason".
> >
> > Can anybody help me?
> > 
> You have to provide us with more information.
> Do realize that the sarge installer is in development,
> that means we need people that can tell where it breaks.
> Geert Stappers

I download unoficial sarge images, booted with "linux" flavour.

1. Choose language menu option is set to 11 (English)
2. Detect a keyboard and select layout is set to ps/2, 1 (USA)
3. Detect CDROM devices option detects CDROM without any problems.
4. Load installer modules - THIS IS THE MAIN PROBLEM
	When I try to go with defaults I recieve error message "Failed to
retrieve installer module. Retrieving the module netcfg-dhcp failed
failed for uncknown reason. Aborting".
	When I try to select "cdrom-retieving" I recieve the same message, but
about the hw-detect module.

I understand, that unofficial images are not stable, but what can I do
with them now? How can I install debian-sarge?

Thanks for reply, Evgeny.

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