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Re: reiser support in debian-installer

On Sat, Jul 26, 2003 at 07:17:19PM +0100, Alastair McKinstry wrote:

> As described by Martin Sjogren at debcamp, the following is needed:
> (1) a reiserfs kernel module, in its own udeb. Submit a patch to 
> Herbert Xu to do this; its straightforward, as the module udebs are just
> repackaged from the current kernel ; examples in the package.
> (2) A reiserfsprogs udeb, (built from the reiserfsprogs package, I
> presume) that provides /sbin/mkfs.reiserfs. (I know that the reiserfs
> version is actually called mkreiserfs, but the name is important)
> This shoulde then depend on (1).
> Once these exist, the existing fs creation code will spot the reiserfs
> option and add it to the list. Simple.

Does this applies to every FS which wants to be supported in d-i as well
? I'm surelly interested in having XFS support into d-i (althought I mus
confess I haven't tried to look if it's already supported).

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