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Re: No floppy drive - sarge

* Petter Reinholdtsen 

| Yes, the hw-detect package from the ddetect source will always try to
| load the floppy module.  This is because I believe it can not always
| be automatically detected, and we need this module loaded on machines
| with a floppy drive to be able to load more udebs from floppy.

Most systems shouldn't need a floppy at all.. loading the floppy
module causes some problems om laptops without floppy drives, but with
a floppy controller as well.

| Please register it as a bug against the package hw-detect.  I do not
| know how to solve it properly yet.  The missing floppy station should
| on the other hand not make the HW detection step fail, so if this is
| the case we can try to solve that first.

I think we should stop autoloading the floppy module.

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