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Re: No floppy drive - sarge

[Jason Ansel]
> But when i go into almost any other step having to do with
> hardware(, like mounting my cd, detecting my network card, etc) i
> get a flashback where it again fails to find my floppy drive.  And
> this often causes the entire other step to fail.

Yes, the hw-detect package from the ddetect source will always try to
load the floppy module.  This is because I believe it can not always
be automatically detected, and we need this module loaded on machines
with a floppy drive to be able to load more udebs from floppy.

Please register it as a bug against the package hw-detect.  I do not
know how to solve it properly yet.  The missing floppy station should
on the other hand not make the HW detection step fail, so if this is
the case we can try to solve that first.

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