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Re: Persistant issue with 2.4.20 kernel - VFS: Cannot open root device

On Sat, Jul 12, 2003 at 11:02:25PM +0200, Eric Smith wrote:
> fs is ext2.
> Now why does the newer kernel not see the root fs?
> Has it to with the proc fs not being mounted or
> some required modules not being loaded.  I am not sure if the modules
> in /etc/modules get loaded before the panic seen below.
> Wish there was more debug info.

the first root fs it will look for, w/ a debian 2.4 kernel, is the initrd.
are you sure you're loading one?  when you install a 2.4 kernel, it gives
you instructions on how to do this.

modules from /etc/modules aren't loaded until later - the root filesystem
has to be mounted before this file can be accessed.

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