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Re: FW: Debian and beige G3 boot error!

On Tue, Jun 24, 2003 at 10:07:40AM -0500, Alley, David wrote:
> Attempting to install Debian on an old beige Mac G3, I encountered upon
> reboot the looping error message of:
> can't open /pci/mac-io/ide@20000/ata-disk@0:0

It looks like maybe the OpenFirmware path wasn't set correctly
by the installer. This is fairly common on OldWorlds.

In order to reboot from the floppy or the MacOS CD, use
Ctrl-Command-P-R (this will reset the boot device to the Mac ROM,
which will boot the floppy).

It may work to use Ctrl-Command-Power-up to reset the machine, and
then Option-Command-O-F to make it stop at the OpenFirmware prompt.
Then, you can use devalias, dev / ls, printenv and setenv to set the
boot-device parameter more to the machine's liking.  (In other words,
figure out the correct path to your hard drive and substitute it for
the one above). You always need :0 at the end, the quik loader is
written into the boot block on the partition.

Also, you need a fixed version of quik for the beige G3. The one 
in the installer doesn't work for those. There is a link in the 
install manual, or I can send it to you via email.

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Chris Tillman (a people instance)

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