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Re: Installation Problem

On Fri, Jun 20, 2003 at 01:29:27AM -0700, kvichak wrote:
> I have been using Linux (Mandrake, Redhat, Suse, etc.) for 4 or so years
> and want to try Debian, but can't get it installed.  I have spent many
> hours on this and read the help on many sites, including debian.org.
> My system:  An Asus A7V with Duron 1300 MHz and an onboard promise HD
> controller.  I boot off an old Western Digital 4.3 gig on the main IDE
> channel #1 but have two IBM drives (a 30 and a 40 gig) on the Promise
> controller's first channel.  These drives are broken into about 5 to 6
> partitions each and this is where all my OSs and applications reside: 
> Windows on hde1, Redhat on hdf2, Mandrake on hde6, Suse on hde3, /home
> on hdf3, etc.  There's nothing on the main IDE channel that I boot from
> (using lilo) except a blank fat partition.
> I downloaded 3 debian CDs from linuxiso.org:  Binary 5, 6, and 7.  
> The install using binary 5 (or for that matter any of the three CDs)
> goes fine until time to install the kernel.  I configure the keyboard,
> select and format a swap partition (hde7), select and format a partition
> for debian (hdf5), tell the installer where to install from (the CDROM),
> tell it where /home is (hdf3), and then tell it to install the debian
> OS.  It goes out looking for directories that contain the install
> archive and comes back and says it can't find:
> images-1.44/bf2.4/rescue.bin
> I noticed that there is a "rescue.bin" file in the the binary 5 CDROM in
> the boot directory, so I manually tell it to look there, but it comes
> back and says "/instmnt/boot does not contain
> images-1.44/bf2.4/rescue.bin", as if it wants this specific path (with
> the "images-1.44/bf2.4" part).  To try to overcome this, I tried copying
> the rescue.bin file from the binary 5 CD to a hard disk partition,
> imbedded in an "images-1.44/bf2.4" path that I created.  The installer
> still can't find it.

You were on the right path. You need one more level above that for it
to find it:


Also, you must make sure that rescue.bin is actually the bf2.4 version
(it must have come from a bf2.4 folder).

However you will need CD 1 for the base installation anyway, since you
don't have a fast net connection. The first CD has all the base packages
on it, they are not copied to the other CDs. The alternative boot CDs such
as 5 are just bootable with different kernels so that someone that needs
a particular kernel to boot can still boot from CD; other than that, they
each contain different software, in decreasing order of popularity. So
unfortunately, CDs 6 and 7 will probably not be useful to you at all.
> Is my problem that I have to do the install from the Binary 1 CD?  I
> noticed the binary 5 CD README file says this CD contains the install
> files, but I don't have this disk (I download these disks at the
> University about 40 miles away, they have a huge bandwidth, At home,
> where I'm writing you from, I have a modem that maxes out at about 22
> kb/s (I live in the boonies)). The fact that the binary 5 CD starts to
> install, and has the "rescue.bin" file on it, implies to me that I
> should not need the binary 1 CD and I'm just doing something wrong.
> I have tried to find on the internet the "install files" that the binary
> 5 CD says are on binary 1 CD, in hopes of doenloading them, but can't
> find any specific to the bf2.4 flavor.

The install files are available on any debian archive such as
http.us.debian.org.  But I think you're much better off to burn CD
#1. You can probably even boot from CD #1, just type bf24 at the
prompt. If you still have to boot from #5, then just insert #1 before
asking for the kernel and modules to be installed.

Debian GNU/Linux Operating System
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Chris Tillman (a people instance)

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