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Installation Problem

I have been using Linux (Mandrake, Redhat, Suse, etc.) for 4 or so years
and want to try Debian, but can't get it installed.  I have spent many
hours on this and read the help on many sites, including debian.org.

My system:  An Asus A7V with Duron 1300 MHz and an onboard promise HD
controller.  I boot off an old Western Digital 4.3 gig on the main IDE
channel #1 but have two IBM drives (a 30 and a 40 gig) on the Promise
controller's first channel.  These drives are broken into about 5 to 6
partitions each and this is where all my OSs and applications reside: 
Windows on hde1, Redhat on hdf2, Mandrake on hde6, Suse on hde3, /home
on hdf3, etc.  There's nothing on the main IDE channel that I boot from
(using lilo) except a blank fat partition.

I downloaded 3 debian CDs from linuxiso.org:  Binary 5, 6, and 7.  
The install using binary 5 (or for that matter any of the three CDs)
goes fine until time to install the kernel.  I configure the keyboard,
select and format a swap partition (hde7), select and format a partition
for debian (hdf5), tell the installer where to install from (the CDROM),
tell it where /home is (hdf3), and then tell it to install the debian
OS.  It goes out looking for directories that contain the install
archive and comes back and says it can't find:


I noticed that there is a "rescue.bin" file in the the binary 5 CDROM in
the boot directory, so I manually tell it to look there, but it comes
back and says "/instmnt/boot does not contain
images-1.44/bf2.4/rescue.bin", as if it wants this specific path (with
the "images-1.44/bf2.4" part).  To try to overcome this, I tried copying
the rescue.bin file from the binary 5 CD to a hard disk partition,
imbedded in an "images-1.44/bf2.4" path that I created.  The installer
still can't find it.

Is my problem that I have to do the install from the Binary 1 CD?  I
noticed the binary 5 CD README file says this CD contains the install
files, but I don't have this disk (I download these disks at the
University about 40 miles away, they have a huge bandwidth, At home,
where I'm writing you from, I have a modem that maxes out at about 22
kb/s (I live in the boonies)). The fact that the binary 5 CD starts to
install, and has the "rescue.bin" file on it, implies to me that I
should not need the binary 1 CD and I'm just doing something wrong.

I have tried to find on the internet the "install files" that the binary
5 CD says are on binary 1 CD, in hopes of doenloading them, but can't
find any specific to the bf2.4 flavor.

Can you help me?

-- <kvichak@xprt.net>

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