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Re: 2003-06-12 installation failure report

[Gaudenz Steinlin]
> 1. mkfs.ext2 and mkfs.ext3 are files of size 0 instead of links 
>    to mke2fs. Deleting these files and creating links made partconf 
>    work

Bug #196508.  Probably a bug in busybox tar.

> 3. debootstrap segfaults. It begins to download release and packages 
>    files and some debs and then sefgaults. All files downloaded are 
>    first failing 3 times and then the download succeds. When manualy
>    downloading files with wget, there are no errors. Debootstrap logs
>    are empty.

A workaround for this is to install dash-udeb.  dash do not segfault
when debootstrap runs.

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