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2003-06-12 installation failure report

Machine: powerpc (PowerBook G4)
distribution: sarge
type: net
mirror: http://sunsite.cnlab-switch.ch/ftp/mirror/debian
- mac-fdisk (no udeb see  #188420)
- partitioner (script for powerpc, see #194590)
- socket-modules (wrong name, unix.o not included see #193402)


1. mkfs.ext2 and mkfs.ext3 are files of size 0 instead of links 
   to mke2fs. Deleting these files and creating links made partconf 

2. partconf does not call swapoff nor unmount partitions when called
   again. So if your configuration partially faild and you have to
   reinvoke partconf, you have to do this manually first.

3. debootstrap segfaults. It begins to download release and packages 
   files and some debs and then sefgaults. All files downloaded are 
   first failing 3 times and then the download succeds. When manualy
   downloading files with wget, there are no errors. Debootstrap logs
   are empty.

- gaudenz

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