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Re: 2003-06-02 Install failure report

[Martin Sjögren]
> Well, we still want to ask about hostname, we want to do that no
> matter what installation scenario, so it should be split off from
> netcfg (it's on the TODO), but I agree that all the confirmation
> prompts are silly.

Why ask about host name if DHCP and DNS give us the correct host name?
I want all my machines to have hostnames matching the FQDN from DNS.
Am I the only one?  I believe this make a nice default.  The people
not satisfied with the hostname fetched from DNS can change it after
the installation.

> No, it probably won't, since the pci-device.xml file from discover2
> still has eepro100 instead of e100. Please talk to the discover
> people at Progeny.

If this is the case, we need to report it as a bug against
discover-data-udeb when the new version is available.

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