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Re: 2003-06-02 Install failure report

tis 2003-06-03 klockan 06.44 skrev Joe Nahmias:
> 0) First of all, at startup/boot we have multiple error messages:
> [...]
> Cannot open template file /var/lib/cdebconf/templates.dat

This is not really an error. debconf-loadtemplates creates this file if
it's missing, so it's more of a warning, but it's pretty silly to print
this at all. I'll remove it.

> info: Trying to enable linux framebuffer.
> modprobe: Can't locate module vesafb
> modprobe: Can't locate module vga16fb
> Debian Installer Main Menu
> [...]
> The framebuffer used to load/work properly at some point not too long
> ago (ie. less than a month ago)...Did the kernel in the image change and
> now doesn't include the necessary modules?

Well, the code is written so that framebuffer modules are loaded if
available. We'll need it for proper i18n, but it's not really an issue
right now.

> 1) Next, when running netcfg-dhcp we have lots of extraneous
> prompts/messages that don't need to be there.  This includes asking for
> the hostname, asking for a confirmation, and then another gratuitous
> prompt saying "I will now configure the network".
> I don't think any of these prompts are necessary...perhaps we should try
> to configure the network, and then -- only if it fails -- show the
> prompts.  What do others think of this suggestion?

Well, we still want to ask about hostname, we want to do that no matter
what installation scenario, so it should be split off from netcfg (it's
on the TODO), but I agree that all the confirmation prompts are silly.

> 2) When hw-detect-full runs, it still tries to use the eepro100 module
> instead of e100.  I presume this will be fixed when the transition to
> discover2 has been completed.

No, it probably won't, since the pci-device.xml file from discover2
still has eepro100 instead of e100. Please talk to the discover people
at Progeny.

> 3) Finally, we have (yet another) segfault during base-installer.  This


I have no idea what's going on here. :(

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