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Translating d-i (was: Translation)

On Fri, May 30, 2003 at 10:02:21AM +0300, George Papamichelakis wrote:
> Chris Tillman wrote:
> >>Well, if the translations were done against the messages as
> >>they were 2 years ago, then they're not much use. If instead
> >>you mean they are translations of the current cvs messages,
> >>then maybe.
> >>
> Every now and then I did some  updates from cvs so they are almost (70%) 
> curent
> but I surely have to browse and check it once more...
> >>There might be another release of boot-floppies
> >>before d-i is actually ready, and if so they could be included.
> >>
> >>d-i is a whole new system, with all new messages, your help
> >>is certainly welcome at cvs.debian.org/debian-installer. 
> >>There has already been some translation activity (e.g,
> >>8 languages for main-menu).
> >>
> Same procedure as the boot floppies ?

Well, the technic behind is all different (debconf templates + po-debconf),
but the result is quite identical: A bunch of po files instead of one big po
file. It is even possible to merge all the small po files in one big to work
on only one big po file, if you prefer.

The simplest way is to:
 - make sure nobody is already working on this (or coordinate with those
   involved). I don't think so, since greek is not listed here:
   Does the debian-l10n-greek mailing list exist (to make sure)?
 - download the pot files to translate from:
   (not all those files are about the new installer, the other being for
   regular packages using the same infrastructure to get their debconf
   templates translated. They are good to translate too, but should be sent
   to the package maintainer as regular wishlist bug and not to this list)
   You can also prefer get the pot files directly from the CVS to make sure
   you are working on the lastest version and not on an old released file,
   because things are moving quite quickly in this CVS.
 - translate them, and get them reviewed if necessary
 - send them to the debian-boot mailing list for inclusion in the CVS.
   (or commit them yourself if you're debian developer).

There is a README for CVS informations:

Check this page for some hints about translating po files produced by
po-debconf (as those used in d-i):

If you have more question, feel free to ask on this list.

Good luck, Mt.

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