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Re: elilo & initrd

On Mon, Jun 02, 2003 at 01:10:41PM -0700, Usman S. Ansari wrote:
> I have Debian 3.0 installed on IA64 system. I am experimenting with initrd and trying to configure
> elilo to use initrd for booting. So far, I am not not successfull.
> elilo prints a message
> "initrd.c (56) Open file initrd file not found"

is this output from /usr/sbin/elilo, or elilo.efi?
in other words, do you see this at the time of running elilo from within
linux, or before it boots the kernel?

> I have tried various combinations. Still cannot get elilo to find initrd.img
> What is the syntax and other considerations to configure initrd loading.
> I have used initrd with lilo many times and also on this system, I used mkinitrd to create
> initrd.img

mkinitrd on woody is unlikely to do the right thing for ia64.  mkcramfs will
create an initrd that is not mountable by the kernel, because it is using
a page size based on x86.  cramfsprogs in unstable (and probably testing)
does the right thing, though that doesn't mean everything else in mkinitrd
will function correctly.

the debian ia64 kernel packages have most required-to-boot drivers built in
statically - are you sure you need an initrd?

in the future, please consider the debian-ia64 list when asking ia64 specific
questions - the subscribers to that list are more likely to be able to answer
your question.



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