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Re: Please make discover2 udebs available for testing

sön 2003-06-01 klockan 10.35 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> [Petter Reinholdtsen]
> > I'm trying to test these now.  I'll let you know about my progress.
> OK.  This new version is better, but there are still some problems.
> I'm testing in the d-i chroot.
> First of all, discover still segfaults when /etc/discover.conf is
> missing.  And it is still missing because it is installed as
> /etc/discover.conf.dpkg-new.  Running 'udpkg --configure
> discover-udeb' did not help.  Anyone know why this is so?

My guess would be that udpkg doesn't support conffiles... :)

> The d-i build process display the following stats for
> discover-data-udeb:
>   686309 B - 740 blocks - 20 files used by pkg discover-data-udeb.udeb
>     (version 2.2003.02.05-2 )
> 670k is way to much.  It is one of the biggest udebs.  We need to
> reduce it.

Agreed. Maybe we can hack up a quick python script that traverses the

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