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woody install on a Compaq Contura 410C and wrong memeory detection


I am trying to install debian on an old Compaq Contura 410C laptop.

It only has a 350Mo harddisk and 12Mo ram.

I am using the 2.4 boot floppies from woody.

Linux boots correctly and i get to choose the language. Then the debian
splash screen gets displayed and i am informed that there is not enough
ram, but i have 12Mo of memory installed, and it claims that this is not
the case.

Should i be using another boot floppies set, try the new
debian-installer, or is there something wrong with the ram detection
mechanism. I know i have 12 Mo ram, both because the bios displays them
when memory checking and because the compaq setup program did tell me

Any help is welcome.

Please CC me, as i am not subscribed to the list.


Sven Luther

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