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Re: Install report (2003-04-30)

On Wed, Apr 30, 2003 at 11:35:10PM -0400, Joe Nahmias wrote:

> I did this install using a PXE boot of the daily snapshot from today
> (2003-04-30).  Although I was able to get a working install, I ran into a

Could you send me your pxe configuration? Are the steps described
in the woody install manual correct?

> 6) Also, if we are going under the assumption that there is a serial
> console, why isn't a login prompt generated on the serial port after
> base-config finishes?  As it worked out, no getty was run on the serial
> port, instead vc0 got a login prompt and console messages were still sent
> to the serial port!  Should I file a bug against base-config or does some
> other package handle setting up /etc/inittab (dpkg -S couldn't tell me)?
> 7) Another thing, after reboot the network was unavailable since the
> proper module (e100) for eth0 wasn't loaded.  Perhaps the reboot step
> should get the output of lsmod and append it to /target/etc/modules,
> before rebooting.  Note hw-detect-full cannot do this (as would be
> logical) since /target isn't created/mounted at that point.  File a bug?
> Against which package?

boot-floppies installed 2 inittabs, one for the initial reboot and one
called inittab.install which base-config then moved to inittab. If you
were installing via serial line, the inittab was modified to assume
the serial line was console after reboot.



Chris Tillman
- Linux Rox -

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