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Re: Network card Intel? Pro/1000 MT

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Xiyan Lon wrote:
> I am new user Debian. A few days ago I install Debian
> woody with Debian CD, but I am not succes to install
> networking. My computer have network card Intel®
> Pro/1000 MT. Can Debian to handle network card Intel®
> Pro/1000 MT? Are they any people help me?
The Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop Adapter uses the 82540 controller.  The
kernel module "e1000" supports this.  You need to have the kernel load
the proper module and then bring up the interface.

Have you completed the install (ie. does your system boot to a login
prompt)?  If yes, login as root and run: modprobe e1000; ifup eth0
(this may fail, in which case do: ifdown eth0; ifup eth0).  Otherwise,
while in the installer, switch to virtual console #2 (press ALT-F2), and
run the command: modprobe e1000.

Once you are all set up, add a line to /etc/modules specifying the
module (ie. e1000 on a line by itself).

Hope this helps!

Joe Nahmias, DD wannabe
Version: GnuPG v1.2.1 (GNU/Linux)


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