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Penguin Relion 240

I need a bit of help here.  I've just gotten a penguin computing Relion
240 server.  I would very much like to install debian on it rather than
having to run Red Hat, but I can't seem to get it to install for the
life of me.

The setup is that there is an Adaptec 78xx card with two drives on it
and a Megaraid 1600 elite card with 3 drives that are RAID 5'd.  

If I try to install using the normal woody net install stuff (tried both
floppies and cd), I get an error trying to detect drives on the
megaraid.  As near as I can tell, the 2.2.20 kernel just locks up.

If I try using the bf2.4 net install stuff( again, with either floppies
or cd) it doesn't hang, but it also claims not to find any of the hard

Can anybody offer some help?

Cole Tuininga <cole@tuininga.org>

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