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Bug#185014: cdebconf mangles strings with consecutive spaces

Martin Sjögren wrote:
> Yes, fine, but I think it's a bad idea to change debconf from arch all
> to arch any just to include the C interface.
> As I said, I see no problem splitting libdebconf in one backend and one
> frontend part, and I think it's quite all right to have C backend
> support installed along with debconf, but why can't debconf just depend
> on the appropriate package(s)? I don't care whether the
> debconfclient.[ch] files are in the debconf or cdebconf *source*
> package.

I don't see much need for C debconf bindings being available for config
scripts in debian (unless bash or libc really wants it to ask a question).
It's fine if it is split off from cdebconf, but I don't think debconf
will depend on it.

see shy jo

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