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Re: Re: Kernel panic: No init found

On Tue, 18 Mar 2003, kuppermanfred wrote:


i'm installing debian the third time now on my laptop from cd: cause of bad video-card i had to restart four times.
cd boot prompt: bf24 vga=791 apm=on
ended in a fading colormonitor and system hangs up: tried rescue
cd boot prompt: rescbf24 vga=791 apm=on
it starts penguin is drawn in all colors
screen is prompted with messages and ends in
Kernel panic: No init found

That message is a result of some other error, typically because it was
unable to mount the root filesystem. This in turn could arise because
the kernel can't find your CD drive - note that the kernel itself is
read in using BIOS calls.

We need more of the preceding messages.


John Summerfield

Hello John

i tried again with rescbf24 vga=791 apm=on root=/dev/hda1
it went trough up to the login prompt,. but i didn't even came so far to create teh root user. i' m still up to the install debian. i came so far to make the system bootable. I tried different install parameters, but only bf24 vga=791 apm=on worked, but ever time i like to make my laptop bootable it come to that the screen was black and startet to illuminating via different colors to white. input was not possible just reboot.

can you see where there is a possibilty to install debian at all?


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