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d-i - hardware detection

>From what I've seen so far, the new d-i isn't going to be as good as
RH's Anaconda, at least in some respects.

Download this floppy disk image,
and boot it.

By default, on my system it had scanned for firewire, USB, NICs SCSI, CD
before asking any questions (other than the syslinux boot prompt). It
found my on-board NIC and loaded the 3c59x driver for it.

I suggest you use VGA=791 (or some other non-default value) so as to
have more text on your virtual consoles.

VCs 3 and 4 both have useful messages by the time you get to the "choose
a language" dialogue.

There are boot-time options to turn off probing (some or all), apm and
other features that may prove difficult.

It has an option to "Configure TCP/IP" using DHCP, and it uses the
hostname, domain name, IP address, netmask and DNS information, and
possibly more, returned from the DHCP server.

Having Configured TCP/IP," it then asks for the name of the server and
the directory on that server that contains RHL.

It also supports the use of a serial console for installation. At the
moment, mine displays:
    +----------------------------+ Retrieving
    | Retrieving RedHat/base/netstg1.img...

I've trimmed the lines to prevent wrapping, my console is 128 wide.

The installer's called Anaconda, it's GPL so if you want to pinch bits,
be Red Hat's guest. I have noticed that Klaus draws in Red Hat Linux for
his hardware detection in Knoppix 3.1.

Ah, it just said:

Running anaconda, the Red Hat Linux system installer - please wait...
Probing for video card:   ATI Mach64 3D Rage IIC
Probing for monitor type: Hitachi CM640
Probing for mouse type:   Generic - 3 Button Mouse (PS/2)
Graphical installation not available for http installs.  Starting text


John Summerfield

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