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dependency on framebuffer


I'm working on a gtk-frontend module, to autoload the new GUI.
Basically its just a bunch of depends on the required modules, and some
shell code to restart cdebconf. However it needs to depend on the
(1) Can we rely on framebuffer support in the kernels?
(2) How do we get the framebuffer modules automatically? something like
	Depends: fb-modules-2.4.20-386-udeb
is arch-dependent and fragile. Can we ensure that either:
(a) framebuffer support is always built as modules, or
(b) either the kernel or fb-modules udeb Provides: framebuffer

And that framebuffer module udebs are always of the form:
	fb-modules-`uname -r`-udeb

- Alastair

Alastair McKinstry <mckinstry@computer.org>
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