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Status of gtk-frontend


some work has been done to provide the necessary libraries needed for
the gtk-frontend as udebs. Many of them have been uploaded to the
archive, so I hope that debugging can start soon.

Not exactly eye-candy but at least a proof, that we make progress
provides a first screenshot:

There is still a lot of work:

* Due to many segfaults the gtk-frontend is unusable. Lot of debugging
  must be done here.

* The gtk-frontend is expected to be richer as the text-frontend. It
  should not be another means to display a too long menu list.

* A concept of how the gtk-frontend will be integrated must be worked
  out and implemented. E.g. there should be the possibility of using
  the gtk-frontend without having to answer any other questions first
  for the debian-desktop project.

Help, comments and discussion is very much appreciated. Progress will
be announced on http://www.mmweg.rwth-aachen.de/~sebastian.ley/d-i/
and here on debian-boot.


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