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Re: successful bochs install

[Andre L]
> How much work would it be to create a Novice mode, in which one
> answers questions about language and partitioning and nothing else
> prior to reboot?

Try to run with DEBCONF_PRIORITY=high as a kernel argument.  This will
run most things on automatic.

> I had trouble choosing which language to do the
> install in, now you want me to pick a filesystem?  Novices shouldn't
> be asked this question; ext3 is a sane answer, give it to them
> automatically.  And having picked a CD install, why is the novice
> later being asked whether to install from CD or floppy?  Then later
> still why is the novice being asked whether to install from CD or
> network?  GRUB and LILO both work, pick one for the novice doesn't
> care.  The main menu has 17 options on it.  Fully half are
> unneccesary for the novice user doing a CD install!

If you want to test an almost automatic installation, check out
Skolelinux.  The trick is carefully pick the udebs to put on the CD,
and to run using DEBCONF_PRIORITY=high.  The image is available from

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