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Bug#182464: anna: Extra package selection should not be at default priority level

ons 2003-02-26 klockan 00.23 skrev Petter Reinholdtsen:
> > The default settings do and should work on most hardware, and if you
> > have special hardware like a scsi card, then you can select a
> > different priority level.
> SCSI cards are not special hardware.  They are common hardware, and
> the installer should handle these out of the box.

When reasonable kernel module packages are made priority standard, I
have nothing against lowering the priority of the question IF there is a
way to change the priority from the installer, like making cdebconf-ueb
a menu item.

Can we afford making all kernel module udebs priority standard? I just
tried installing all of them and right now d-i is taking up 9.1M space.

OTOH, when I just skip anna's module question, it is still staking up

With this numbers, I think it's safe to make all kernel module udebs
priority standard so they'll be installed automagically. What do you
think Herbert?

To further hack some things, anna could finish by running depmod -a to
take care of that detail. ;)


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