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Re: ext3 problems

* Matt Kraai 

| On Mon, Feb 24, 2003 at 01:35:24PM -0800, Cardenas wrote:
| > Unfortunately, I selected ext3 the first time for my file
| > system. Apparently the kernel on the floppy doesn't have ext3 support,
| > and as a result the lilo postinst failed, and upon first boot, the
| > root partition could not be mounted. 
| I have installed with ext3 and LILO.  What was the error message?

the ext3 module is now priority standard, but for some reason
mkfs.ext3 wants /etc/mtab to exist, so it has been made into a symlink
to /proc/mounts.  This _should_ work, and should have been for a few
days.  mbc, it's good if you report exactly what version you tried
when reporting bugs. :)

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