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Bug#182436: some small problems with debian-installer

clone 182436 -1
reassign -1 netcfg
retitle -1 does not create /etc/hostname

On Tue, Feb 25, 2003 at 01:39:26PM +0100, Fabio Massimo Di Nitto wrote:
> I did built d-i from today CVS and noticed this:
> - hostname at reboot is localhost (Im sure this is an old problem)
>   even if specified differently during the installation.
>   /etc/hosts is indeed correct.

I have a fix for this, which I will commit this evening.

> - for kernel 2.4.19 are missing modules/userland utils. An example is
>   evms. It is possible to install the userland but not load any module.
>   That makes the userland useless.

Please see bug #182422.

> - on the console (busybox) a number of commands do not work.
>   ex: ifconfig, modprobe. keep printing the enabled functions in
>   busybox.

I can't reproduce this:

 # ifconfig
 eth0      Link encap:Ethernet  HWaddr: 00:E0:29:17:1B:AB
 # modprobe
 modprobe: Nothing to load ???
 Specify at least a module or a wildcard like \*

What error messages do you see?

> - at d-i modules selection time number 18) is missing a description
>   i hope to remember correctly that was 18 but anyway it just claim:
>   18) for debian-installer

Please see bug #180038.

> - lilo config should be regenarated after the first reboot with a more
>   "commented" one.

This is a bug in lilo-installer.

> - mkswap is enabled in busybox but it is still not possible (if not by
>   hand) to create a swap partition automatically.

This is fixed in CVS.

> Thanks to everyone. except from this small things I had a really good
> feeling using it. Congratulations for your great job guys!

Thanks for testing.


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