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Bug#182436: some small problems with debian-installer

Package: installation
Version: CVS 25/02/2003 (not installed)
Severity: normal

Hi all,
	probably some of these small problems are known and sorry in
case of duplicated information.

I did built d-i from today CVS and noticed this:

- hostname at reboot is localhost (Im sure this is an old problem)
  even if specified differently during the installation.
  /etc/hosts is indeed correct.

- for kernel 2.4.19 are missing modules/userland utils. An example is
  evms. It is possible to install the userland but not load any module.
  That makes the userland useless.

- on the console (busybox) a number of commands do not work.
  ex: ifconfig, modprobe. keep printing the enabled functions in

- at d-i modules selection time number 18) is missing a description
  i hope to remember correctly that was 18 but anyway it just claim:
  18) for debian-installer

- lilo config should be regenarated after the first reboot with a more
  "commented" one.

- mkswap is enabled in busybox but it is still not possible (if not by
  hand) to create a swap partition automatically.

Then i made some experiments using kernel-2.4.20 to install changing
of course the version in the Makefile and in order to make it fitting on
the disk i dropped the isapnp card support (no need for my laptop).
Well of course the first problem is the size. 1 floppy is not enough.
It arises the same problem of kernel modules/userland utilities
(this time for lvm as well). The installer anyway cannot go further the
"partition harddisk". It looks like it cannot find the partitions even
if they are there. I was not able to force it to proceed even mounting
the partitions by hand.

Thanks to everyone. except from this small things I had a really good
feeling using it. Congratulations for your great job guys!


-- System Information:
Debian Release: testing/unstable
Architecture: i386
Kernel: Linux trider-g7 2.4.19 #3 Tue Oct 8 19:33:41 CEST 2002 i686

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