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Re: SparcStation 20 and SILO

> One person mentioned that older cd-roms don't always like cd-rw media and
> that might be the source of my error. For reference sake, I think that may
> be a part of it but I also looked at a sun documentation page of sparc
> boot-proms and noticed that you can boot different cd-rom partitions and
> that the default was partition "c". "boot cdroma"(no typo) will try and
> boot the first partition of the cdrom and might give somebody else out
> there a better result in the future.

Not, SPARC bootable CD's have a Sun Disk Label, and several slices to
provide boot functionality. The normal bootup is just fine and works. I
suspect the problem is plainly the cdrw media.

Glad you got things installed.

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