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Image file too large for low memory

Hello -

I hope this is the right list for this question.

I'm trying to install Debian over a network to my Dell Latitude LS
laptop, which does not have a CD ROM or floppy drive. It has an onboard
3Com NIC (3c905 I think) which claims to support network boot. I did a
netinstall of Debian to a Sparc a few months ago and was able to get it
to work, so I'm fairly familiar with the setup of tftp and dhcpd.

I have both services running on my local network and have the
tftpboot.img file in the proper place with the right permissions so it
can be served to the laptop. After some tinkering I am at a point where
the laptop is able to get an IP from DHCP and tries to load the boot
image from TFPT. This is what I see on the laptop screen during this

Managed PC Boot Agent (MBA) v4.30 (BIOS Integrated)
(C) Copyright 2000 Lanworks Technologies Co. a subsidiary of 3Com
All rights reserved.

Node: 00B0D0A42B88
File transfer error: Image file too large for low memory.

I've searched Google and the mailing list archives for a solution to
this problem and come up empty. Am I SOL? Any input would be greatly

Thanks in advance,


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