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Re: dynamic MMap ran out of room.. no apt.conf file?

On Monday 17 February 2003 03:12 am, Adam Robson wrote:
> While trying to download using apt-get or dselect or tasksel, i get
> the error message
> E: dynamic MMap ran out of room
> I've read the solution is to change the /etc/apt/apt.conf file with
> APT::Cache-Limit 10000000 or some big number, but this file doesn't
> appear in that directory.  Is there some other way to fix the
> problem, using apt-config or something?
> Thanks
> A

Thanks for the answer to my soon-to-be-asked question.  I'm
going to create the file in /etc/apt/ and I have some confidence
that it will work.  DaveA

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