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Re: debian-installer - using devfs in the installed system

[Bastian Blank]
> we discuss some time about using devfs in the installed system to
> avoid mapping the devices which may break things. s390 currently
> uses devfs and don't have any problems with it.
> devfs is available after the feature freeze of linux 2.6 so it seems
> to be availble with this version.

Enabling devfs by default it debian would make a few things in the
installer easier

 - no need to map device names from devfs used by d-i into old style
   /dev/ names used in /target/.

 - Programs in /target/ using devices can use the same config when
   running within d-i and in 'chroot /target'.

It would also make a few things in Debian easier:

 - LVM would work out of the box

 - USB devices would work out of the box

 - The devices would no longer change name when inserting new devices,
   /dev/sdc would no longer move to /dev/sdd when inserting a new hard
   drive earlier in the SCSI chain

It might give us a few new problems:

 - Some platforms do not have working devfs support.  drop or add

 - Will all kernel devices handle devfs properly?

In skolelinux, we have enabled devfs by default (by using devfsd) to
get LVM working.  We haven't experienced any problems yet.  I believe
enabling devfs by default in Debian would be a good thing to do.

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