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Status of boot-floppies for Debian 3.0r2


after more than a month of wake-up phase, it is time to push the
development a bit. Boot-Floppies 3.0.24 are almost ready, ports for most
architectures have been build and we got positive test results.
Outstanding issues are:

 - test the sparc build, any report welcome

 - testing and fixing the s390 build with kernel 2.4.19. A problem was
   figured out with our current dbootstrap code - it seems to reset the
   network connection that you need to continue in the combination of
   ctc and kernel 2.4.19. Stefan Gybas <sgybas@debian.org> and Bastian
   Blank <waldi@debian.org> are working on a possible solution, please
   help if you can. If there will be no fix in a reasonable period, the
   changes will be reverted and s390 will keep the old kernel.
 - arm port gets a new installation flavor (riscstation), however the
   kernel and all needed patch packages are not ready. Please help with
   this task, otherwise the riscstation flavor has to go (#177187,
   #177188, #177192, #177196). EOD.

For all other info:

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