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Re: cdebconf-slang-udeb for use in cdrom 2.88 MiB floppy?

[Matt Kraai]
> Does setting debconf/frontend change the frontend immediately, or
> does cdebconf have to be restarted?

cdebconf will have to be restarted.

But I think it is a good idea to set debconf/frontend instead of
DEBIAN_FRONTEND, and it should be fairly simple if we introduce a
small helper binary, debconf-set-frontend:

  . /usr/share/debconf/confmodule
  db_set debconf/frontend "$1"

By using this script, we are sure cdebconf is exited before main-menu
starts, and the frontend choice will take effect:

The code in sbin/debian-installer could then be changed like this:

  # init will restart this script when it exits.  This will let us
  # pick another frontend every time main-menu exits
  if [ -z "$DEBIAN_FRONTEND" ] ; then
      for frontend in gtk slang text ; do
          if [ -e "/usr/lib/cdebconf/frontend/$frontend.so" ] ; then
              debconf-set-frontend "$frontend"

I'm not quite sure how to change this to make sure it only set the
frontend once at startup, instead of every time the script is started
by init.  Any ideas?

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