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Bug#140579: Report: tftpboot install successfull

Please retain the CC to the bugs.debian.org addresss.

nb <nb@dagami.org> writes:

> Le dim 29/12/2002 à 22:07, Adam DiCarlo a écrit :
> > nb <nb@dagami.org> writes:
> > 
> > > Thanks to Michael R. Schwarzbach and he's post I finally can install
> > > debian via tftp. I think the need is going growing to do that and
> > > it's really time to update documentation. 
> > 
> > Can you identify for us exactly what sections in the latest install
> > manual are wrong, and which information is completely missing?
> This is missing :
> 1/ different boot methods are not listed (PXE, etherboot/netboot, MBA)
>   - I haven't tried PXE. I will in on month (I've bought an openbrick)
>   - I haven't tried MBA. I don't even know what it is
>   - I have tried etherboot.
>   I didn't know before they where so many methods

Yes.  This proliferation of different ways to do it is really the
reason why it's not done.

We do need to indicate the various etherbooter methods for x86 and
help the user decide which is best for her to use.  You listed
several -- is this pretty complete?

Perhaps we can just pick one method which will work in 80% of cases
and focus on documenting that, then provide links to other sites for
other methods, saying that the instructions would have to be adopted
for each.

Should we go with etherboot?

> 2/ about etherboot method.
>   - one needs first to install mknbi
>   - second to download root.bin _and_ tftpboot.img
>   - and then use mknbi to add root.bin to tftpboot.img
>   - after that tftpboot.img is loadable and usable from a client x86
> client.
> > 
> > I need more help because I don't have an x86 box I can do netbooting
> > with.
> > 
> > Is this bug completely just a documentation issue?  If so, we should
> > reassign this as an 'install-doc' bug.
> Yes it's only a documentation issue. If you don't know how it works you
> can spend much time (24 hours for me and I have many years experience)
> or even think it's impossible.

Yes, well, my point is that the actual instructions need to be
provided by someone who has done it.  That is to say, I can't do it on
my own.  But your instructions may help.

> > > I've spent 24 hours to do
> > > that and sentences like "NOT YET WRITTEN" are not acceptable today.
> > 
> > For you to tell us something isn't "acceptable" isn't helpful.  We are
> > unpaid volunteers -- saying this sort of stuff just annoys us.  Try to
> > stay constructive.  Providing patches or suggested bits of text is
> > constructive.
> The sentence "NOT YET WRITTEN" was in the documentation.
> http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/i386/ch-install-methods.en.html#s-install-tftp
> chapter 4.5.5.
> All what aws written about the ip address and the architecture is
> completely wrong (I'm talking about x86 plateforme).
> I have used the following command to build the loadable and executable
> image :
> mknbi-linux mknbi-linux
> --ip= tftpboot.img
> root.bin > tftpboot.img in the /tftpboot directory.
> It's like a miracle I was using before :
> mknbi-linux --ip=
> tftpboot.img > tftpboot.img
> the only one difference is in "root.bin" which I have downloaded from
> ide-pci 1.44Mb (I don't remember exactly the url).

No problemo.  This helps.

> I have to add that :
> a/ I have tried this with etherboot only (I have a 3com 3C905B TX)
> b/ I will try PXE method in nearly one month and than tell you how it
> works
> c/ I have heard about MBA method but don't know anything else about it.
> d/ I didn't try from a sparc (I have a ss10). I'll do that.

No need.  SPARC works as documented.

> I'm very sorry for my poor english.

You're English is quite good actually.

> I you want more informations please let me know.

Perhaps you could review the document when we have a draft.

...Adam Di Carlo..<adam@onshore-devel.com>...<URL:http://www.onshored.com/>

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