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Re: gtkfb in d-i

Michael Cardenas <mbc@debian.org> wrote:

> I'm going to cc debian-boot on this, in the hopes that someone who
> has made more udebs than I can help out.

Good idea.

> So, everyone has said that they have to be build dependencies, which
> seems very confusing to me, but I guess that's what we should do. We
> can just make our debs a build dependency for cdebconf, since the
> gtk module is part of cdebconf.

No, the way I understood it, it must be like this:

Make build dependencies on gtk-directfb and all its required libraries
for the _installer_ (-> build/debian/control). Then one has to install
these libs onto the build system in order to build the installer.
If at buildtime there is any executable in the buildtree that uses
functions of one of these libraries, mklibs will create reduced
libraries from the ones installed on the build systems and copy it on
the install tree.

I tried that:
I took all libraries from normal debs except gtk-directfb for which
there exists no deb and directfb, because the one in sid is too
old. Then I compiled the latter two myself and installed them onto my
build system. When I built the installer with putting
EXTRAFILES=/usr/bin/gtk-demo into the Makefile mklibs copies the
required libraries and reduces them. The additional libraries eat up
4MB of diskspace.

So if we stick to that mechanism, we would need the following:

- debs for gtk-directfb
- recent debs for directfb (we could ask the maintainer for that)
- perhaps: udebs for the other libraries (pango, freetype...)
  containing only configuration and data files
- perhaps: an udeb for fonts
- we need /dev/tty* and /dev/fb*
- fb support activated in the installer kernel?
- ...?

Any comments?


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