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Debian on BX300 Siemens Blade servers.


im currently playing around to install Debian on a Siemens BX300 Blade

These Blades get their CDROM and Floppy Drives over USB, and thats the
Problem. I tried to install with the bf24 Floppy Disks from the official
Woody CDROM. The rescue Disk boots, and prompts for the root Disk, if i
insert that Disk the Setup cant access /dev/fd0.. doesnt find it, Setup
dies (have to reboot over typing the Restart button)

Then it tried with woody CDROM, the Setup boots normal, i configured the
Keyboard, partitioned the disks and so on, but then on the point to
install Kernel and Device driver Modules the CDROM isnt in the list of
the Install Sources.
Only fd1/fd0/harddisk/mountpoint there.. (The Setup also wasnt able to
geht some Network device, no problem there, so or so the cables not

dmesg shows me that USB Subsystem loadet, and 2 Devices connected
(it also says that these devices not gained by any driver), if i exec a
shell, i can mount /proc/bus/usb and blah.

Any ideas i can get Debian Setup working on these Machine without
Network ? I tried installing RedHat, but only have cd 1, and in the
Rescue System i cant umount the cdrom to copy my Debian CD on a local
SuSE also doesnt setup the CDROM.

anyone got ideas ??
thanks alot !
greetings /*/ michael ablassmeier

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