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Re: busybox ash, insmod and udhcpc

On 18 Nov 2002 03:01:37 +0100
Tollef Fog Heen <tollef@add.no> wrote:

> * Glenn McGrath 
> | We can save some space in the rootfs by using busybox from cvs
> | 
> | busybox-0.60.4	130856
> | busybox-cvs	123628
> | 
> | busybox-0.60.4 + dash + dhclient + insmod	271160
> | busybox-cvs with busybox ash, udhcpc and insmod also compiled in
> | 201804
> |
> | I think busybox ash, udhcpc and insmod should be good enough to use.
> I've played about with busybox-cvs today and it seems to work fine,
> especially having a half-decent shell is good when trying to debug
> problems.  However, it seems like udhcpc there is broken -- it
> completely fails to send out any requests for leases, or there is
> something eating them on the way.
> Also, getting the build system in busybox CVS updated to actually work
> with the new configuration system would be good.. I could provide you
> with patches tomorrow or so.

I built this the other day, its at http://people.debian.org/~bug1/busybox/

 139k busybox-unstable-udeb_0.61-pre0-cvs20021126_i386.deb
 70k busybox-udeb_0.60.5-2_i386.udeb

The size has blown out, but extra stuff included in busybox is ash and ip
(big applets) and also smaller applets logger, mkswap and swaponoff

hmm, busybox-unstable.deb with the same feature as 0.60.5-2 appears to
have increased in size by 20kB, maybe i translated the config incorrectly,
ill look into that.


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