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cdebconf: preconfigured package

i see that all udebs packages have template files which describe
questions asked to user

but is it possible to have a file in that way, which contains answers;
not in the debconf database but in the udeb or deb package.

So, i can create udeb or deb packages with a preconfigured options.

i see in netcfg-static.templates file, the question about netmask:
i have to install debian on all computers in my lan network => the
netmask is the same.
so i want to create a special preconfigured netcfg-static.udeb
(netcfg-static.pdeb for example) which contains a file (debian/answers)
Template: netcfg/get_netmask
Type: string
Answer: ""

Am i right or wrong???


sorry for my really  poor english

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