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Re: net-1440.img test report

[Jonas Meurer]
> Then installing grub was not successful:
> Install GRUB on a hard disk:
> GRUB needs to install the stage 1 boot loader on a bootable device. This
> is usually the fist hard drive. Note that GRUB conuts devices diffently
> than the linux kernel, so the fist one is usually '(hd0)'. Leave this at
> default if unsure.
> [default = (hd0)]>
> chroot: cannot execute /sbin/grub-install: No such file or directory
> postinst exited with status 256
> Debian installer Main Menu

Yes, for grub-installer to work, base-installer need to install the
grub package into /target/.  How should this be handled?  Should udebs
be able to request extra packages to be installed by base-installer,
should grub-installer refuse to run if grub isn't installed, or should
it install grub by itself??

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