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Re: net-1440.img 2002-11-23 test report

* Noèl Köthe 

| - then step 3 (finish setting up the Debian installer), choosed http
| as protocol, then I got the long list of possible countries with
| mirrors. Maybe it should be splitted up into pages.
| I choosed 18 (Germany) and 12 (www.uni-koeln.de) and no mirror.
| distribution is woody
| "Choose the retriever to use." with only one point. Maybe it could be
| skipped if there is just one possibility.
| Then I got wget 404's because there is no
| /dists/woody/main/debian-installer/.. and
| /dists/woody/local/dedbian-installer/...

I've now removed woody as a valid target.

| the next menu is the main menu and choosing 3 (finish setting up the
| Debian installer) brings me to the retriever menu. Its not possible to
| change the distribution. OK I had to reboot the disk and now choosed
| sarge.:)
| Back to the retriever menu I choosed net-retriever again (nothing else
| available) and wget tok the Packages.gz from the mirror but then tried
| to get /dists/sarge/local/debian-installer/binary-i386/Packages[|.gz]
| which isn't available (404).

That is ok.  Will be fixed once we support Release files.

| - "which packages to install" (the list is to long for one page) I left
| without any package choosed.

again, that is ok.

| wget took again some packages without errors.
| Then I got the main menu with 12 points and I choosed Partition a hard
| drive and got this error:
| Prompt: 1 - 12> 1
| find: ./proc/1/fd: Permission denied
| find: ./proc/2/fd: Permission denied
| find: ./proc/3/fd: Permission denied
| find: ./proc/4/fd: Permission denied
| find: ./proc/5/fd: Permission denied
| find: ./proc/6/fd: Permission denied
| postinst exited with status 256
| I checked dmesg and found out my IDE chipset isn't detected/listed.:(
| Any idea whats the problem?

Choose number 8 «Detect hard drives» and it should work better.  We
need to fix the menu ordering and defaults.

Thanks for debugging -- help is always appreciated.

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