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debian-installer usage on sarge

.. ok finaly got my images together using jigdo
   disk1 boots fine ..

but how to actually use it ?
.. i get stuck when selecting the udebs
   it does not install them ..
.. i searched the archive the whole evening
   to no avail ..
.. i found an email decribing that somebody
   got it work by getting a step by step guide
.. i had a look into the CVS tree(the documentation)
   but i want to use it in the first place ..
   .. i might help you to develop it further though
.. so might i become somebodies keyboard monkey
   and get it to work?
.. i am not completely unexperienced with small
   system(haven been developing embeded systems
   with busybox)

best regards
  christian bahls
  maths student
  university of rostock

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