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Re: debian-installer-utils_0.06_i386.changes ACCEPTED

On Tue, Nov 05, 2002 at 08:17:20PM -0500, Debian Installer wrote:
> Accepted:
> debian-installer-utils_0.06.dsc

The changes file created by this looks funny:

 debian-installer-utils (0.06) unstable; urgency=low
   * Added french translation from Pierre Machard (Closes: 165857).
   * André Luís Lopes
     - Sync pt_BR.po with original english.
     - Unfuzzy old translations.
     - Define pt_BR.po fields (last translator, etc).
   * Tollef Fog Heen
     - use /dev/console for accessing the terminal, this works on all
       systems, both those with and those without VCs
     - fix this for the partitioner as well.
 4b32064296d1e3673244b26ffb73d4fd 4294 debian-installer standard di-utils-shell_0.06_m68k.udeb
 ad9755ad6cae2afadb87aee089603ec5 1642 debian-installer standard di-utils-partitioner_0.06_m68k.udeb
 e0828569ed3d7f56cdc8641df33ecd9e 3974 debian-installer standard di-utils-mount-partitions_0.06_m68k.udeb
installer-menu-item: 9

This last line is something I've never seen before? And its not only on m68k
where that happens... I had some problems with my sign script, so I removed
this line manually before signing. If this is a problem, please tell me and
I'll change it back.


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