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debian-installer - netcfg: rewrite of netcfg-static

hi folks

with permission of Tollef i rewrite the netcfg package. currently only
the static part is finished.

the changelog say:
| - rewrite of netcfg-static
|   + use iproute
|     - remove unneeded pointopoint address
|     - add ipv6 support
|   + save config of each interface in the debconf db

it needs some support from the other package:
- new udeb for iproute (only the ip bin) or
- ip plugin for busybox and
- register/unregister support for cdebconf

currently it only works with the old debconf on a real system.

another change is up for discussion, rename netcfg-dhcp into
netcfg-dynamic, because it is possible to configure ipv6 with dhcp6 (i
don't know any programs for this) or with stateless address
autoconfiguration which doesn't need further userspace support.


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