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Bug#158426: DHCP support is broken on compact rescue disk

David Kimdon wrote:
> Tue, Aug 27, 2002 at 01:03:01AM -0400 wrote:
> > Package: boot-floppies
> > Tags: woody
> > 
> > It appears that the kernel for the woody compact rescue disk does not
> > have CONFIG_PACKET or CONFIG_FILTER included.  This is sad, because
> Something else must be going on, IMO.
> > although this kernel has built-in ethernet drivers, dhclient-2.2.x does
> > not work.  As well, it appears that dhclient wants /var/lib/dhcp/ which
> > also does not exist. (Although I am not sure if it will gracefully fail
> > in this case.)
> Error message?  Can you do a :
> $ cat /proc/modules
> to verify that the module is not loaded.  Can you run dhclient
> manually?

	I didn't see this message, so I must have deleted it by

	I no longer have the machine I was trying to do this upon, and
currently have no machine that I can boot with the compact boot disk.
All I remember is that dhclient complained that either CONFIG_PACKET or
CONFIG_FILTER was missing.  From my poor memory, I suspect that
/proc/modules was empty; but I can no longer provide accurate
information.  Sorry.


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