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Re: woody install problems

Thu, Oct 03, 2002 at 07:41:18PM -0500 wrote:
> I'm wondering why I've not received any responces. Am I on the right list?

it's the right list, I expect we just don't have any answers for you,
I'll give it a shot.

0. maybe a bad hard drive?  or at least buggy such that the linux
driver can't handle it but the Win2k driver has a work-around? 

1. try different kernel flavors, there are 4 for i386 (vanilla,
compact, idepci and bf2.4)  

2. examine boot messages looking for anything fishy.  From the
installation screen you should be able to create a file with a bunch
of log messages if you have a floppy drive, you could mail that file
ot this list.

3. if you have a floppy drive try booting off that with the cdrom
removed, in case the cdrom and harddrive are conflicting.


> Gary Seven wrote:
> > I'm having a really tough time installing woody on a tyan tiger mp or 
> >mpx. No matter what what I do the install either:
> >- detects no hard drives at all
> >- finds the drives, but hangs during file system initialization
> >- gets to the point of writing files onto the file system, then hangs
> >part way thru.
> >
> >Oddly enough, I've had this same mother board, drives, drive 
> >controllers, etc running RH7.1; but now, neither RH7.3 or woody will 
> >install on the system (can't find the rh7.1 discs to re-try it).
> >
> >Win2K installs and runs just fine. Which sorta indicates that the 
> >hardware is fine.
> >
> >I've also tried different drive controllers. The system was originally 
> >running with two cd writers on the MB's primary and secondary ide 
> >channels and the drives on a 3ware ide raid card. However, I suspect 
> >that the file system performance was really poor and I want something 
> >to compare to; so I wanted to remove the ide raid card and test the 
> >file system with the one hard drive and cd writer on the MB's ide.
> >
> >For the installs with the pci ide cards I did use bf2.4.
> >
> >I've even changed MB's. The orginal MB was a tyan tiger MP purcahsed a 
> >year ago, second was a tiger MPX purchased recently. Am using DDR ECC 
> >memory.
> >
> >I've tried installing RH7.3 and woody under the following conditions, 
> >and both fail at one of the previously mentioned points:
> >- hard drive on MB's primary ide, cd writer on MB's secondary ide
> >- hard drives on promside pci ide controller (no raid)
> >- hard drives on 3ware pci ide raid card, configured JBOD
> >cd writes on MB's primary and secondary ide
> >
> >I've searched the mailing list archives high and low looking for 
> >problems that matched mine; but the only thing I've found was a post 
> >saying to use bf2.4 and one pointing to some other files to use:
> >
> >Peter, Try this one
> >http://people.debian.org/~blade/boot-floppies/cvs/boot-bf2.4-with-basedebs.iso 
> ><http://people.debian.org/%7Eblade/boot-floppies/cvs/boot-bf2.4-with-basedebs.iso> 
> >
> >This works for me on every think I have tried it in.
> >
> >Can't figure out what to do with this one: doesn't boot and neither do 
> >any of the images on it.
> >
> >Wont work with this crap without additional modules. See
> >http://www.debian.org/~blade/install/preload/ 
> ><http://www.debian.org/%7Eblade/install/preload/>.
> >
> >This didn't help either; but it doesn't seem like I should need it if 
> >the hard drive is just on the MB's ide.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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