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Re: New boot-floppies for 3.0r1?

Fri, Sep 13, 2002 at 09:51:52AM +0200 wrote:
> #include <hallo.h>
> * John H. Robinson, IV [Wed, Sep 11 2002, 12:13:27PM]:
> > actually, i was asked to produce a 2.4.19bf kernel, which i have. if we
> > need updated 2.4.18, i'll provide that.
> >
yes, it sounds as though we definately want an updated 2.4.18

> > expect 2.4.18bf u/l by friday
> If you have not done yet, please wait. I am preparing an unofficial set
> of boot-floppies with USB floppy support and I stumbled over a kernel
> problem which may prevent ide-floppy users from installing Debian. IMHO
> this patch for rd.c would allow any device to be used for the initrd
> compressed image, and without it, such devices would be ignored. Did
> anyone try to install from a LS-120 floppy? IMHO this would break, but
> with this patch and the proper kernel arguments it would work.

What's the word on this?  I'd like to build a test 3.0.24
boot-floppies.  What bf2.4 kernel should I use (if it is a new build
we'll need new pcmcia-modules for bf2.4 as well, right?)


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